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  Marion County, Iowa -GIS and
Digital Mapping At Home

Whether we realize it or not many of us have become involved in using GIS and digital mapping in our everyday lives. Bing Maps, Google Maps, hand-held and in-car GPS units, E-911 Emergency Response, commercial and governmental web sites, smartphones and "dumb" phones, all involve GIS, GPS, and digital mapping in our lives. The purpose of this page is to provide access to software resources that include GIS mapping software, aerial imagery viewing software, and data resources you can use at home.

Marion County Government makes no implied or express warranty as to the safety, quality, or suitability of the software or web sites listed below. The user should always practice safe computing and practice do diligence before downloading and using any software obtained from the internet.

If you are primarily interested in viewing aerial imagery of Marion County and other Iowa counties, and you are using a Windows pc, the easiest way is to download and install the LizardTech GeoViewer and then go to the NRGIS Library and download the imagery to run in the GeoViewer. If you are an Apple Mac user, download and install the TNTatlas for Mac viewer, I have tested this and it works on OS X.

Links to Resources:

ESRI-ArcGIS for Home Use    (GIS for non-commercial home use - low cost)

ESRI ArcExplorer   (GIS viewer to access online and local information - no charge)
Map Maker   (GIS for Windows - no charge)
Geo Community  (no charge and trial GIS and imagery viewing software)

LizardTech - GeoViewer and ExpressView Browser Plug-in for Mr Sid (no charge)

TatukGIS Viewer   (GIS and Imagery viewer - no charge)
TNTatlas for Mac   (no charge)
Geo Community  (no charge and trial GIS and imagery viewing software)

NRGIS Library - Iowa Geological Survey - DNR

U.S. Census Shapefiles

ArcGIS Online Map and Geoservices

USGS - The National Map
Geo Community   (no charge)
USGS - The National Map
Bing Maps
Google Maps
Rand McNally
ArcGIS Online Map and Geoservices
National Geographic


Wooden coal miner statue in Memorial Park

Shoreline of Red Rock Lake in Marion County, Iowa

Cordova Observation Tower

Visit the Marion County Parks!