Marion County, Iowa contact information for all county departments and offices with department head contact and phone number. Includes offices not located within the courthouse,

Marion County, Iowa Contact Information

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Marion County, Iowa Courthouse

Marion County
Courthouse Information
214 East Main Street
Knoxville, Iowa 50138

Phone: 1-(641) 828-2217
1-(641) 828-6351

Offices not located within
County Courthouse

Marion County Law Enforcement Center
211 N. Godfrey Lane
Knoxville, Iowa 50138

Offices located at 2003 N. Lincoln St. Knoxville, IA

Public Health

General Assistance

Senior Nutrition

Environmental Health

Offices located at 3014 E. Main St. Knoxville, IA

Human Resources

Emergency Management


Development Commission

General e-mail inquiries

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Marion County, Iowa Courthouse

County Assessor:
 Kelli Kingrey (641) 828-2215

County Attorney:
Edward Bull (641) 828-2223 

County Auditor:
Jake Grandia (641) 828-2217

County Board of Supervisors:
(641) 828-2231

Marion County CROSS Mental Health Region:
Tiffany Hopkins (641) 828-2238 ext 144

County Conservation:
Steve Edwards (641) 828-2213

County Development Commission:
Carla Eysink (641) 828-2257

County 911: Jeff Anderson
(641) 828-2255

County Emergency Management Agency:
Jeff Anderson   (641) 828-2256

County Engineer:
Tyler Christian (641) 828-2225 

County Environmental Health:
Bridget Mohler (641) 828-2238  x251

County General Assistance:
Kim Dorn   (641) 828-2238

County GIS Mapping and Website Coordinator:
William M. Buttrey (641) 828-2231 Option 4

County Human Resources:
Lisa Seddon (641) 828-2231 Option 5

County Information Technology:
Andrew DeHaan (641) 828-2231 Option 6

  County Jobs:
Contact Human Resources at (641) 828-2231 Option 5 about job vacancies. 

County Maintenance Department:
Chris Nesteby (641) 828-2244

County Mental Health:
Angela Nelson (641) 828-2238 ext 101

County Public Health:
Kim Dorn (641) 828-2238

County Recorder:
Karen Schwanebeck (641) 828-2211

County Sanitation:
Bridget Mohler(641) 828-2238 x 251

County Senior Nutrition:
Kim Dorn  
(641) 842-6070

County Sheriff:
Jason Sandholdt (641) 828-2220

County Treasurer:
Michaela Bigaouette (641) 828-2204

County Veterans Affairs:
Michael L. Kuhn (641) 828-2201

County Weed Commissioner:
Phil Groenendyk (641) 891-5118

County Zoning:
Melissa Poffenbarger (641) 828-2231 Option 7


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