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Elderly Property Tax Credit

posted on 2/7/23

Are you age 65 or older?  Or…  Are you under age 65 but totally disabled?

If you own the house in which you live, you might qualify for an elderly or disabled credit on your property taxes.  Your 2022 income must be less than $25,327.99 to qualify.  You MUST complete Form 54-001a which can be found on the Treasurer’s page of this website or by clicking here:  https://tax.iowa.gov/sites/default/files/2022-10/IowaPropertyTaxCreditClaim%2854001%29.pdf

Are you over age 70 but make more than $25,327.99?

Those homeowners who make more than $25,327.99 but are age 70 or over may qualify for a credit that “freezes” your property taxes as of the year you file.  Following are the over 70 income guidelines: 

IMPORTANT:  You MUST file for these credits every year.  The form is due in the Treasurer’s office by JUNE 1, 2023.

You may find more information on our website:  https://marioncountyiowa.gov/treasurer/property_taxes/ or by calling the office at 641-828-2202.

Thank You,

Michaela Bigaouette

Marion County Treasurer