Marion County, Iowa Hazard Mitigation Plan in conjunction with the Southern Iowa Council of Governments ( SICOG ).

  Marion County, Iowa -
EMA Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Marion County, Iowa Emergency Management Agency Multi-Jurisdictional Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan was created in conjunction with multiple political jurisdictions in Marion County, FEMA, and the Southern Iowa Council of Governments (SICOG). The documents listed below are in Adobe PDF format. Go to to get the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Chapter 01 - Introduction and Background

Chapter 02 - Organize Resources

Chapter 03 - Community Profile

Chapter 04 - HARA Phase 1: Hazard Identification

Chapter 05 - HARA Phase 2: Hazard Profile

Chapter 06 - HARA Phase 3: Assets at Risk
Chapter 07 - HARA Phase 4: Estimate Losses
Chapter 08 - Hazard Mitigation Goals and Objectives
Chapter 09 - Capability Assessment
Chapter 10 - Alternative Mitigation Actions and Strategies by Jurisdiction
Chapter 11 - Implement the Plan and Monitor Progress
Appendix A and B
Appendix C through J
FEMA Review
Marion County Hazard Mitigation Plan - Full Document ( 17 Mb in size )


Wooden coal miner statue in Memorial Park

Shoreline of Red Rock Lake in Marion County, Iowa

Cordova Observation Tower

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