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Marion County Zoning is responsible for building permits in the unincorporated areas of Marion County excluding certain areas in the Two Mile Extra Territorial area around Pella.

  Marion County, Iowa - Zoning

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Notice of Public Hearing - 3/23/2021

Zoning Commission Agenda

Board of Adjustment Agenda

Marion County Zoning is responsible for building permits in the unincorporated areas of Marion County excluding certain areas in the Two Mile Extra Territorial area around Pella. All permanent structures in Marion County require a building permit.

Marion County is a zoned county and does have zoning regulations. The Marion County Zoning Ordinance is available in the Marion County Zoning Office. Click HERE to access some of the Marion County Ordinances administered by the Marion County Zoning Department.

Marion County Iowa - Comprehensive Land Use Plan - Adopted 11-12-2013

The Marion County Zoning Department operates in conjunction with two (2) boards; the Zoning Commission and the Board of Adjustment.  Click here for a list of the current board members and their terms.

Zoning - Board of Adjustment Duties

Notice to Marion County Residents

Ordinance 55.19 - Junk/Unlicensed Vehicles

Ordinance 55.32 - When Building Permits Are Required

Permit Requirements

Click on the Permit Requirements link above for additional information and useful contact information.


Marion County Building Permit Application

Click on the link above to access the Marion County Building Permit Application web site. Upon entering the web site the first action required is to create a User account with a User Name and User Password. Keep a record of the User Name and Password as they will be used each time you access the web site. Online payment of permit fees is available.

If you have any questions you may contact the Zoning Administrator by the email link listed on the right-hand side of this page.

Applications for Building Permits may still be made in person at the Zoning Department on the 1st floor of the Courthouse. There is also a paper application form and instructions available on the Zoning Forms page.

Marion County is only responsible for building permits in the Townships, not within incorporated city limits. Access the incorporated cities building permit applications by clicking on the links listed below.

Pella City Building Permit Application

Knoxville City Building Permit Application

Pleasantville City Building Permit Information

Copies of the new Chapter 55 Zoning Regulations and Chapter 56 Land Division and Subdivision Regulations can be obtained from the Zoning Forms page.

Information About Electrical Work and Permits

Electrical Licensing and Inspection Program Information

Electrical Permit Rules for Homeowners and Farmers

Contact for Additional Electrical Questions

New State Electrical Installation Inspections and Fees

Starting in January of 2008 state law required the licensure of all electricians providing electrical installations in the State of Iowa.  Commencing on March 1, 2009, all new electrical installations in the State of Iowa will be subject to inspection.  Click here to read the announcement document and get further details.  All requests for electrical permits, fee payment, and requests for inspections must be made with the Iowa Electrical Examining Board.  Click here to visit the Iowa Electrical Examining Board website.

Home Occupations in Residental and Agricultural Zoned Areas

Copy of Ordinance Chapter 55.17 and 55.18

Melissa Poffenbarger is a member of Iowa County Zoning Officials Organization (COZO).

Department Head Name:

Melissa Poffenbarger [email protected]

Address of Zoning office:

Mailing Address:

214 E Main Street, Suite 2
Knoxville Iowa 50138

Hours Office is open:
Monday - Friday
8:00 A.M - 4:30 P.M.
Usually open during lunch hours but call ahead to verify

Office Phone Number:

(641) 828-2231 Option 7

Cell Phone Number:
(641) 218-0243

FAX Number:
(641) 828-2042

Employees in Zoning Office:
Assistant Zoning Administrator


Zoning Forms:
Downloadable forms
used in the Planning and Zoning office

Zoning Links:

Iowa Department of Public Health - Bureau of Environmental Health Services

Iowa Department of Public Safety - Electical Licensing and Inspection Program

Iowa Electrical Examining Board

Other Related Links:

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Marion County Iowa Zoning Frequently Asked Questions

Cordova Observation Tower

Willoughby Bridge in Marion County, Iowa

Shoreline of Red Rock Lake in Marion County, Iowa

Wooden coal miner statue in Memorial Park