Audio recordings of the meetings of the Marion County Iowa Board of Supervisors.

Audio Recordings of Board of Supervisor Meetings

Listed below are links to audio recordings of meetings of the Marion County Board of Supervisors for the current year. These recordings are in the MP3 or WAV format. You will need a media player application capable of playing MP3 or WAV files on your computer or other device. Warning! Some of these files are very large, and the meetings very long. The legend for the type of meeting as indicated by the links is as follows: OM=Organizational Meeting, RS=Regular Session, SS=Special Session. If you are looking for a particular item, but are not sure of which meeting, view the Minutes Archive, and do a search for the item.

Click on the links below:
February   11th-RS    20th-SS
January    2nd-OM    6th-SS    14th-RS    15th-SS    20th-SS-Part 1    20th-SS-Part 2    21st-SS-1    21st-SS-2    21st-SS-3   23rd-SS-1   23rd-SS-2   27th-SS-1   27th-SS-2   28th-RS    30th-SS
December    10th-RS    17th-SS    24th-RS
November    12th-RS-1    12th-RS-2    12th-RS-3    26th-RS
October    08th-RS-1    08th-RS-2    22nd-RS    23rd-SS
September    10th-RS    24th-RS
August    13th-RS-1    13th-RS-2    27th-RS-1    27th-RS-2
July    09th-RS-1    09th-RS-2    23rd-RS
June    11th-RS-1    11th-RS-2    25th-RS-1    25th-RS-2    25th-RS-3
May    14th-RS-1    14th-RS-2    28th-RS-1    28th-RS-2
April    9th-RS-1    9th-RS-2    10th-SS    23rd-RS-1    23rd-RS-2
March    12th-No Recording    19th-SS-1    19th-SS-2
                26th-RS-1     26th-RS-2     26th-RS-3 
February    6th-SS    12th-RS-1    12th-RS-2    12th-RS-3    12th-RS-4
                      22nd-SS-1    22nd-SS-2    26th-RS
January    2nd-OM    8th-RS    22nd-RS-Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4
December    11th-RS    12th-SS    26th-RS
November    05th-SS    13th-RS    27th-RS
October    09th-RS    15th-SS    23rd-RS
September    11th-RS    12th-SS    25th-RS
August    14th-RS    28th-RS
July    10th-RS    24th-RS
June    12th-RS    26th-RS
May    08th-RS    22nd-RS-Part 1    22nd-RS-Part 2
April    04th-SS     10th-RS    24th-RS
March    13th-RS    27th-RS    27th-SS
February    12th-SS   13th-RS   13th-SS   14th-SS   16th-SS   20-SS   27-RS
January    2nd-OM-Part 1    2nd-OM-Part 2    9th-RS


December    6th-SS    12th-RS    26th-RS-Part 1    26th-RS-Part 2
November    14th-RS    28th-RS
October    10th-RS    24th-RS
September    12th-RS    26th-RS
August    8th-RS    22nd-RS
July    11th-RS    25th-RS
June    1st-SS    13th-RS    16th-SS    27th-RS
May    9th-RS    19th-SS    23rd-RS    30th-SS
April   11th-RS-1   11th-RS-2    25th-RS
March   14th-RS-1   14th-RS-2   14th-SS   15th-SS   28th-RS
February   14th-RS   28th-RS

January  03rd-OM   10th-RS   19th-SS   20th-SS   23rd-SS   24th-SS

December  13th-RS    27th-RS
November  08th-RS    15th-Canvass    22nd-RS
October  11th-RS    25th-RS
Sept  13th-RS-1    13th-RS-2    20th-Canvass    27th-RS    29th-SS-1    29th-SS-2
August  9th-RS    23rd-RS    30th-SS
July  12th-RS    26th-RS-Part 1    26th-RS-Part 2
June  14th-RS    28th-RS
May  10th-RS    24th-RS
April  12th-RS-Part 1    12th-RS-Part 2    26th-RS
March  8th-RS    22nd-RS    31st-SS
February  3rd-SS    9th-RS    23rd-RS    29th-SS
Jan  4th-OM    11th-SS    12th-RS    21st-SS    22nd-SS    22nd-2-SS    26th-RS


Wooden coal miner statue in Memorial Park

Shoreline of Red Rock Lake in Marion County, Iowa

Cordova Observation Tower

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